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Tuesday Thoughts, September 19th

| 9/16/2014

A weekly roundup of my favorite things and thoughts.  It's been a while since my last post, I've loved getting back into it, especially with Tuesday Thoughts!  We've made a lot of changes around our house, in large part thanks to these few items!

All Things Desserts with Studio 5

home | 9/15/2014

It's always so fun to visit Studio 5, especially when it has to do with sweets and treats!  I tackled a little project for them all on how to display desserts as well as ways to package them up for delivery.  

Tuesday Thoughts...

home, motherhood | 9/15/2014

A weekly round up of my favorite thoughts and treasures.  It's been a while since my last post, and these are some great finds!

waterfall hike...

Travel | 7/29/2014

While my parents were in town for a quick weekend, we decided to brave the Utah heat and take the kids hiking. We went on a hike up to see the waterfalls up at Battle Creek Canyon- it was so worth it!

studio 5...paper lantern chandelier...

Home | 7/16/2014

I was so excited when Studio 5 called and asked me to tackle a paper lantern chandelier. I've always loved the look of paper lantern, especially as a focal point in a room or at an event.

lucy turns 1...

Kids | 7/15/2014

I don't know how it's been a whole year since Lucy became part of our family! She has added a whole lot of excitement to our lives, and will forever be the 5th member of our family. Lucy has staked claim of Gracie's heart- it has been so neat to watch their bond form and grow.

road rally 2014...

Kids | 7/9/2014

We spent last night at the Road Rally 2014. The girls had their scooters decked out in ribbons by 10am and spent the rest of the day asking how much longer till they could go race.

snapshots from our 4th of july...

Motherhood | 7/7/2014

Sometimes our Sunday nights are filled with a bit of regret for the weekend. We should have done more chores, done something more fun, finished more, slept more, we forgot this, etc.

a night at the lake...

Travel | 7/2/2014

We spent Monday night at the lake for my mother-in-law's birthday. We haven't been around in utah for the last 5 summers, so it's the first time we've taken the girls there when it was warm enough to actually get in the water!

a night at the movies...

Kids | 6/30/2014

The last couple of weeks we have kind of skated through family date night. With Matthew getting home late from work, and the girls staying up late every night, we've disguised a movie on the couch and homemade shakes as the perfect date night.