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waterfall hike...

While my parents were in town for a quick weekend, we decided to brave the Utah heat and take the kids hiking.  We went on a hike up to see the waterfalls up at Battle Creek Canyon- it was so worth it!  

The girls insisted on each taking their own backpacks with their lunches and water bottles.  They carried them approximately 12 steps before they were passed on to me.  It was hot, but the kids all did pretty good.  We stopped a few times along the way to collect sticks, throw rocks in a stream and take a drink break.  Maddie figured out pretty quickly into the hike that it was much, much more enjoyable to hitch a ride on Poppa’s shoulders, rather than walk herself.  He was a good sport!  

The waterfalls were so pretty!  It was a perfect place for young kids- the streams and ponds along the way were all very shallow, and there weren’t too many steep hills or rough patches.  We ate a quick lunch and made the trek back down.  We were seriously so dirty and sweaty, I had to immediately throw our shoes, backpacks and clothes in the wash when we got home!  Snowcones were the perfect post hike snack…and a little snooze!

On the way down from the hike the kids stopped to collect rocks (it’s one of the girls most favorite things to do) to bring home and paint.  The next morning the kids gathered around and painted, jeweled and colored on their rocks.  They’re the perfect addition to the girls shelves and a fun reminder of our hike!

ps- my sunglasses are from the Nordstrom sale (you can find them here) and I’ve worn them non-stop.  And the girls outfits are from Target (found here)- both girls are wearing a size 4/5.  They are our favorite!

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