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Tuesday Thoughts, September 19th

Herbal Tea…I have (successfully this time!) weened myself off Diet Coke…mostly. I’m down to maybe one or two cans a day, thanks to my new favorite, herbal tea. In the last couple weeks I’ve drank more water than ever, been going to bed earlier and sleeping better than ever. Detoxing from enormous amounts of caffeine has done wonders for me. It’s a total bonus that tea cups and tea pots are fun to collect. While I love Anthropologie’s selection, I found some great white mugs while perusing through Target. The Threshold mugs are my favorite for everyday use, and they come in large sizes too. I like having an eclectic mix and these are great! As of now, I’m just boiling water in a pot and then pouring it into my cup, but after a few slightly burned fingers (I burned Matthew bad once!) I’m thinking it’s time to invest in a good tea pot…I have no idea how this one works, but it’s super cute! Matthew and I have started a new tradition of sitting down at the kitchen table every night after we get the girls in bed while we drink tea. We feel super dorky, so we make sure to shut the blinds so our neighbors can’t see us:)

Old Navy Kids Shoes…I’m grateful that the girls made it through the summer before hitting a major growth spurt, but I’m left needing all new shoes for both of them (seriously, Maddie pretty much skipped a size). Old Navy has some perfect options for kids- I love these for Maddie with tights and knee high socks, and for Gracie, she insisted on a pair of these, because everyone wears high top sneakers (I’m thinking they’ll be great with black leggings and a black and white striped tee). I’ve been a big fan of Old Navy shoes since Gracie was a baby, they never disappoint!

See Jane Blog is back!…I was lucky enough to meet Jane this summer through mutual friends. She’s a natural leader, super wise and the best listener.

The more I got to know her the more I loved her, especially seeing her dedication to her family! Her instagram is a favorite of mine, her family is always up to something, like picking a race each month to run to support a charity. I’ve been anxious for her to jump back into running after a little “sabbatical”, and she’s back and focusing lots on family, especially raising her older kids. And while our girls aren’t there yet, I’ve learned a lot about how I want to raise my family and picked up some great tips from her. You can find her blog here and instagram (@see_jane) here.

West Elm Sofa…our living room sofa finally arrived! After a long backordered wait our living room sofa finally arrived! It is our first nice piece of furniture we’ve bought…and I have to say, it was worth every penny. After originally thinking navy, I changed last minute to the lagoon color in performance velvet. It’s a perfect color and the velvet is great for cleaning. Aside from the aesthetics, it is seriously the most comfortable couch! It’s wide enough for Matthew and I to both lay on it and has become our favorite Sunday nap spot. The girls have also discovered it’s perfect for jumping on. They’ve also learned that if they jump on it, it is quickly followed by a few minutes in the “think about it” chair.

Back to School Goals…if you follow me on instagram (@lindseypinegar) you may have seen our back to school dinner I posted about. We each made a couple personal goals for the year as well as a couple for our family. One of my goals is to be on time to everything. Sometimes it’s due to not getting up early enough, or walking out the door and getting distracted with cleaning up a mess, taking Lucy out to go to the bathroom or searching for the girls school bags. So we made some major changes around our house and I’m happy to say we’ve been on time for school and dance every day this year. Between getting up earlier (which has always been a struggle for me) I’ve gotten myself on a better schedule (this morning I was out of bed at 6:45) and we’re able to ease into our mornings instead of rushing like crazy. We have one on one time with Gracie before Matthew runs out the door at 7:15 and we’ve been able to work on reading every morning. The girls help lay their outfits out every night and we’ve helped them learn to go in their room and get dressed on their own and then meet me in my bathroom to get their hair done. It’s been night and day in our house! Now we’re off to school without stressing about being late, leaving us relaxed and giving us a few minutes to “shake it off” in the car. If only I had made a goal to keep all my laundry done, but I guess it’s good to always have room for improvement!:) Alarm clock can be found here.

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