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after the three day weekend the girls were sound asleep by 7:30 tonight.  between playing all day with cousins and a long scooter ride to the park, they were wiped out…and a little sunburned!

i am just about wrapped up with our vacation pictures!  matthew and i spent time talking tonight about our trip as i worked on a couple projects with all our pictures.  maddie carried around a postcard of mickey and minnie all day and gracie asked if it was our ticket to get back on the cruise…they won’t be forgetting our week anytime soon!

this was our semi-formal dinner outfits.  we got back our day off the ship and had less than 45 minutes to get everyone showered and out the door.  it was a little crazy, but we made it just in time for dinner and the show!  getting dressed up for dinner was fun, and a different routine than a normal vacation for us- usually it’s swimsuits all day long, with the occasional cover up.

my rebecca taylor dress, zara heels
girls bow dresses, zara sandals

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