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road rally 2014...

We spent last night at the Road Rally 2014.  The girls had their scooters decked out in ribbons by 10am and spent the rest of the day asking how much longer till they could go race.  It was such a fun event- music, popsicles, fake tattoos, bike rides- it was the best kind of party!

Gracie is competitive by nature.  I mean, she just understands the whole game.  She was prepped and ready and talked strategy on how to do her best.  It’s funny because I don’t know if she recognized that a couple boys beat her to the finish line, she is so focused on how she’s riding, how fast she went, that one time she let go of the handlebars for a second.  She already understands how to critique a performance.  I watch her in gymnastics and dance, it all comes so naturally to her.  She got her medal and was so proud, she was beaming when she asked, “Mom, does this mean that I won?!”

Maddie on the other hand is much more laid back.  She cruised in the race, collected her medal and took it off a few minutes later.  I carried it around and at the end of the night asked her if she wanted it back, she took one look at it and said, “oh, um…no thanks!”  Maddie notices other people a bit more than Gracie.  She loves interacting with people, recognizes when people notice her, and wants to know that everyone loves her.  She’s much more content to push the serious business to the side and have fun instead…and she’s always up for cuddling!  Where Gracie has big bursts of energy and more meltdowns, Maddie is just consistent.  She’s always going, always happy, and always smiling.

The girls are so close and play together nearly non-stop throughout the day.  They love the same things- making art, riding scooters, creative games that use their imagination, etc. but how they approach everything is so fundamentally different.  It’s so interesting to see how they compliment each other and how well they get along despite their differing personalities.  Not to completely stereotype either one of them, but Gracie is pretty similar to Matthew, where Maddie seems more like me.  Matthew and I have learned how to work together despite how different we are, it’s kind of like watching us in mini form!  Matthew and I have learned that we need to take individual approaches to parenting.  Maddie is sensitive and needs a soft approach, where Gracie needs a stronger, logical approach (it’s taken me a long time to learn the difference between yelling and sitting down and having a firm discussion with her) to understand.  It’s a major learning curve with both of them!

Aside from the race, they had the cutest wash station set up for the kids to scrub down their vehicle of choice.  I thought it was such a great idea!  They used metal buckets with sponges and soapy water and let the kids have at it.  Our girls would have been content to hang out there for an hour.  The next time I need to clean the kitchen, I’ll be setting up a scooter wash on the front porch!

Thanks to Freshly Picked Moccs (seriously loving their new bags!), Small Fry Blog, Chatbooks (you have to check out their Instagram books!) and Little Hipsqueaks for the great night!

girls peek tank + shorts
my white denim | black teedenim vest sandals | sunglasses

|| According to Gracie, taking the ribbons off and have a plain scooter is boring.  I never should have put them on in the first place! ||

|| She had her game face on! ||

|| Her favorite part of the whole night! ||

|| Matthew took a turn taking a lap with each of them- they love playing with him! ||

|| Matthew taught Gracie the appropriate way to pose with a medal ||

|| Not that impressed with the medal.  She’d rather have a popsicle. ||

|| A quick water break in between laps. ||

|| Teasing Dad.  That face of hers is the best! ||

|| Trying to prove she’s a faster runner than me.  She legitimately is. ||

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