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Category – "motherhood"

Tuesday Thoughts...

home, motherhood | 9/15/2014

A weekly round up of my favorite thoughts and treasures.  It's been a while since my last post, and these are some great finds!

snapshots from our 4th of july...

Motherhood | 7/7/2014

Sometimes our Sunday nights are filled with a bit of regret for the weekend. We should have done more chores, done something more fun, finished more, slept more, we forgot this, etc.

And we're back...

Motherhood | 6/23/2014

My unplanned break from blogging has been busy! We've been soaking up every single bit of summer and loving it all. The pool, park days with friends, late dinners, family time and as much sun as possible has kept me distracted, but I've missed so many aspects of keeping a blog.

Beauty on the Waves

Motherhood | 1/13/2013

It is but a few degrees above freezing but I can't tear myself away from the shoreline. The waves crash against the rocks endlessly and with such fury! Every drop of water that sprays into the air is transfigured into a crystallene rainbow.