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Category – "kids"

lucy turns 1...

Kids | 7/15/2014

I don't know how it's been a whole year since Lucy became part of our family! She has added a whole lot of excitement to our lives, and will forever be the 5th member of our family. Lucy has staked claim of Gracie's heart- it has been so neat to watch their bond form and grow.

road rally 2014...

Kids | 7/9/2014

We spent last night at the Road Rally 2014. The girls had their scooters decked out in ribbons by 10am and spent the rest of the day asking how much longer till they could go race.

a night at the movies...

Kids | 6/30/2014

The last couple of weeks we have kind of skated through family date night. With Matthew getting home late from work, and the girls staying up late every night, we've disguised a movie on the couch and homemade shakes as the perfect date night.

The Great Wilderness

Kids | 11/29/2013

The last several months have been a hallowing and trying experience. I lost another toe this winter. Seven still remain, faithful friends as they are. This wilderness in which I've become accustom is unforgiving as my father; as cold as my mother.