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Category – "fashion"

tuesday thoughts...

Fashion | 6/24/2014

FitBit Flex... I've been wanting a fitbit flex for awhile and finally got one last week. i am loving it so far! i love the sleep tracker- i'm learning tons about when i sleep the best (it shouldn't have been a huge shocker that going to bed after 2am hardly counts as a full nights sleep).


Fashion | 5/27/2014

After the three day weekend the girls were sound asleep by 7:30 tonight. between playing all day with cousins and a long scooter ride to the park, they were wiped out...and a little sunburned!

A Warm Thought on a Cold Night

Fashion | 2/21/2013

I finally braved the journey that not long ago laid plans to thwart me and take my life. The ridge haunted me. Mocked me. Controlled me. But I have prevailed. I have conquered. And I have had my worst fears realized.