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All Things Desserts with Studio 5

So before I jump in to everything, I want to add how simple each of these are.  I am a total novice baker, so all these recipes are simple and pretty much fool proof.  And for those who are juggling too many things to get some extra time in the kitchen, these are all doable with store bought treats…which on occasion I’ve been known to use:)  Having a small personal dessert item not only looks great, but is perfect for a party. With just a little thought, you can find an assortment of items- from cookies to brownies, loaves of bread, cheesecakes, even personal birthday cakes! The options are endless and always make for the perfect sweet party treat.

 All the recipes, baking tips and personalizing suggestions are at the bottom!

Nut Cups

I love using these for baking cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, brownies, bread, etc.  I pour batter in the cups, place them on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven.  The clean up couldn’t be easier!  I’ve also put ice cream in them and left them in the freezer until I was ready to serve them.  I love them in place of regular cupcake holders.  They’re sturdy enough to be eaten out of with a fork or spoon, come in a variety of colors and patterns and are a cheaper alternative for mason jars.  I picked up some cupcake sleeves from my favorite craft store (Pebbles in my Pocket in Orem, Utah).  I selected a favorite patterned paper and they cut them out in the store for me from a die-cut machine.  You can get about 7 sleeves per paper.  They fit perfectly around the nut cups, giving you a custom look.  The nut cups come in various sizes, making them great for not only for desserts but also condiments.  We used them for my Grandma’s 90th birthday party as a little take home gift- we made mini cheesecakes and brownies are put them in a cellophane bag tied with a bow.

Skewers and Toothpicks

An easy item, with endless options!  I love using skewers for food at parties.  Whether it’s fruit, dessert items, sandwiches, it’s an easy way for guests to pick up at a table and eat on the go.  I love the idea of using donut holes and fruit for a brunch.  Mini pancakes go along perfectly with donut hole skewers- these are a piece of cake to make, and make the cutest display.  We topped the pancakes with a berry and a cocktail toothpick.  The best tip for making these is to use a condiment bottle (a rinsed out old ketchup bottle, or dressing bottle works great if you can’t find one in the store) and using it to make and shape you want.  We use them to make letters too!  You can serve a side of syrup in one of the mini nut cups.  

French Fry Holders

These are a big hit at our house!  On a daily basis, we use them to make at home happy meals and fill them with anything from apple slices, carrot sticks, waffle sticks, peanut butter and jelly sandwich sticks…pretty much anything that can be cut into a stick!  For the show I used pie crust to make faux french fries, served with a little cup of raspberry jam to dip it in (also great with a chocolate sauce, whipped cream, etc.).  I also picked up churros from Del Taco, cut them up and threw them in a holder.  I just don’t know if it gets any easier than that!  I love them for a dessert table!  They’re perfect for a carnival themed party, dessert with mexican food, or a kids party.  I picked up the white french fry holders from Pebbles in my Pocket and added some wash tape to them.  The striped holders are from Zurchers.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are great for dessert displays, and an easy way to deliver a treat.  There are a million different ways to dress them up, but even just plain they’re darling.  For the show I baked cheesecakes in them, baked frozen cookie dough in them and topped them with an ice cream, baked a loaf of bread and even just put ice cream in them for root beer floats (perfect for a football game!).  I put the dough in and placed it right on the wire racks.  Using them for ice cream is great, you can prep everything beforehand and pull it out of the freezer when you’re ready to serve them.  I love not having to have someone stand and dish out ice cream.  The only downside to mason jars is the expense of collecting them.  For Maddie’s 2nd birthday party I had my Mom, sisters and in-laws keep their glass jars for me (pickle jars, jelly jars, etc.).  I gathered them up, painted the lids, glued a zoo animal on top and filled them with little trinkets for a take home gift.  Collecting jars for a dessert table. would make a great eclectic display.  To dress them up, I use Avery labels (from any office supply store) and make a personalized label (read below for further instructions) and add them to the top.

Cookie Bags

Cookie bags, or glassine bags, are something I go through in bulk.  I’m always sure to have a stack on hand!  I love how easy they are to dress up and keep them personalized for any event.  I used them for Maddie’s first birthday party- we put a cookie in and closed with a label I had made up.  I used them for Gracie’s Valentine’s at school- I put goldfish in, a label that said “I’m so glad we’re in the same school” and sewed them up on my sewing machine (so, so easy to do!) giving her a unique gift.  They’re used for church visits, candy bags, popcorn bags at Halloween, etc.  Whether you’re closing them with washi tape, a simple staple or some bakers twine, they’re always cute!

Personal Tins and Pans

I am going to confess that prior to doing the segment I had never made bread before.  It seemed like something that would be tough to make, and I’m not super adventurous in the kitchen.  I finally decided it was time to venture out and used my sister-in-law’s zucchini bread recipe- it was so easy and tasted amazing!  I’ve since been collecting different pans and tins to start delivering them like crazy.  If you’re not a bread lover, you can use personal sized tins and pans for anything from cookies (so cute, and perfect to deliver with a carton of ice cream for at home pazookies), brownies, birthday cakes, you name it.  My mom always keeps a bunch of these on hand (her favorites are can be found here, with lots of other options in store) with a box of brownie mix- they’re great for a little gift when you’re low on time.  

Ice Cream Cups

These are a total favorite of mine.  I’ve used them several times, and loved the outcome each time.  You can pick these up at most parties stores (Zurchers has them  online here).  They’re so fun to personalize (washi tape, labels, bakers twine, etc.) making them a perfect gift.  Coming in all different sizes, they’re great for any event.  I have baked in them, used them for popcorn, muddy buddies, and even ice cream.  I love the idea of dropping off some homemade ice cream for a midnight snack for new parents.  The possibilities really are endless!


Lunchbags are a staple in our house.  I use them nearly every holiday, they’re cheap, can be printed on and sealed up with a simple staple or washi tape.  I packed up lunches for kids at a birthday party, delivered white chocolate popcorn to neighbors for Halloween and let the girls decorate Valentine’s bags.  The best part is you can print on them for a perfect custom look!

Recipes and Baking Tips

With baking in small containers, you’ll want to watch your baking times.  I found that I was cutting the suggested baking time down quite a bit- especially with brownies!

The best zucchini bread EVER!  My sister-in-law’s recipe can be found here (pretty much everything she makes is amazing).

Mini cheesecakes

Pie Crust french fries- I took pie crust from the fridge section of the grocery store.  I unrolled it on a cookie sheet and folded it in half to make a half circle.  I took a pizza slicer and cut it into strips, sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar and baked them for about 7 or 8 minutes.

Personalizing It All

Lables…If you watched the segment, you saw kraft paper labels used on almost everything.  Labels are my favorite easy way to add something to a dessert to make it look custom.  I love the Avery labels (found here) for just about anything.  You can use Avery’s website to create a template (they have about a million different templates to choose from) or just download a blank template to use in any program on your computer.  I use the blank template in either word or photoshop so I can add in my own fonts.

Printing on Lunchbags…There is a great tutorial here, although after doing it several times, I’ve found that just taping the flap down is totally fine! 

Bakers Twine



Gift Tags

For those who asked, my top can be found here, shoes here and pants (a target find!) here.

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