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formal night and a birthday for poppa...

formal night on our cruise happened to fall on my dad’s birthday, so it kind of felt like a fancy celebration for him.  we brought party hats and treats for dinner, all the grandkids loved singing happy birthday!

the entire week we were on the cruise maddie wasn’t more the 6 inches away from my dad.  her whole world revolves around him, and he does a great job of making her, along with all the other kids, feel the same way.  he is a blast for them to be around and fills the role of poppa perfectly.
i love that the girls are able to make memories with my parents and how close they are with them.  just this morning gracie facetimed my parents to see when she would see them again, a week out and she’s already missing them!

i was excited to dress up for formal night.  outside of our usual sunday dress, it’s not very often we can get dressed up!  i bought my ted baker skirt earlier this year and have worn it for a couple events. after looking around, it was still my favorite thing to wear.  the joie top i’m wearing is a classic style for them.  i’ve had it for a few years and have worn it over and over again, it’s one of my most worn items in my closet.

all the granddaughters wore coordinating dresses from crewcuts, my favorite place for kids party clothes.  the quality is great and the styles are classic, season after season, year after year, they’ll still be perfect.  my sisters and i have loved passing around clothes as our kids have grown out of them.  my sister chelsea has two little girls almost the same age apart as our girls, so all the girls matching outfits have worked perfectly for them.  i’m already excited for a couple years down the road when my sister mandy’s girls, who are 7 and 10, pass down their dresses to gracie and maddie.  zara is always my go to for sandals for the girls, they have the best styles!

my ted baker skirt (same style, different print here, here), joie top, zara sandals
gracie’s pink embellished dress, zara sandals
maddie’s silver dress, zara sandals

just missing millie, the youngest granddaughter

oliver looking handsome in his mini suit…and gracie mid air before taking a tumble:)

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