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kershaw family vacation 2014, a disney cruise...

i am so excited to finally share more from our vacation! 

my family tries to get together for some sort of vacation each year.  somewhere along the way it was coined kfv, or kershaw family vacation.  some years it’s just a big gathering at my parents home in california, other years it has been a beach house or hawaii.  i have 3 sisters, so usually the girls, along with kids, will fly in for a week and husbands will come and go according to work schedules.  it’s a lot to coordinate! 

we started planning for our cruise about a year ago.  it seemed like between all 19 of us, there was a small window of time that would allow for a full week off for everyone- i’m not sure that has ever been done before!  the ages of all the grandkids were also perfect for a disney cruise, the oldest is 10, the youngest is not quite 2.  

the week we left for our cruise was crazy!  matthew was finishing up finals, i had a couple projects left to coordinate and the girls were preparing for dance recitals.  the night before we left gracie came down with a little stomach bug, i was so worried it would go through the entire family!  we met my two older sisters, along with their families, at the airport on friday afternoon for the flight to florida.  gracie’s fever spiked on the flight, the poor thing was miserable!  she finally got to sleep and once we landed it seemed like her fever settled down.  by the time we got all our luggage and the shuttle picked us up, she had perked up.  we got settled in our hotel well after 1am, maddie was so excited i thought she would never go to sleep!  the next morning the vans arrived to take us to the airport.  the company that we worked with supplied all the transportation, along with making sure we had carseats for each of the kids- it was so nice to not have to travel with them!  two vans, plus one trailer for luggage and we were off!  

my mom had shirts made for getting on the cruise after hearing that it was something most big groups did while getting on the ship.  we didn’t see another big group with matching t-shirts, but we loved being able to find others in the big crowd!  it was so nice we ended up washing them and wearing them again for one of the excursions.  

check back tomorrow for more pictures and adventures!

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