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lucy turns 1...

I don’t know how it’s been a whole year since Lucy became part of our family!  She has added a whole lot of excitement to our lives, and will forever be the 5th member of our family.  Lucy has staked claim of Gracie’s heart- it has been so neat to watch their bond form and grow.  The most painful thing for Gracie is to leave Lucy when we go out of town.  There are always legitimate tears and a piece of her heart that is broken until they’re reunited.  Gracie is very serious when it comes to her responsibilities with Lucy.  She checks her food and water each morning, loves to take her out to go to the bathroom, is on top of making sure she’s had enough exercise (she loves having Lucy pull her on her scooter, it’s pretty cute!) and takes pride in brushing her so she looks nice.  When the neighborhood kids come to visit (Lucy has friends who come nearly daily to play with her) Gracie beams while showing her off.  She’s always quick to insert a, “yeah, she’s my dog” whenever she can.  While we always knew that Gracie would be enamored with Lucy, we had no idea that Maddie would take such a liking to her as well.  I can often find Maddie laying next to, usually partially on top of her, singing and petting her.  Maddie is always the first to initiate a game of chase around the kitchen island, and I will never tire of hearing her call out “Lulu Baby!” from the top of the stairs as she motions with her hand to follow her.  One of mine and Matthew’s favorite things to do is sit on our front porch steps and watch the girls play while Lucy tags along right behind them.  We often talk about how much work she is, but how much we love giving the girls the experience of having a dog, and so healthy for them as they develop compassion, love and respect for a pet.

Despite the chewing, occasional making me chase her around the neighborhood and waking me up early, she has been the best pet we could have asked for.  We have seen huge improvements with Lucy since putting her through the training classes.  The biggest lesson we’ve learning is that she needs a solid hour of exercise a day.  If she hasn’t had a chance to run like crazy, she is bound to chew something!  It took us the better part of this year to get her trained enough, but she’s finally to the point where she can sleep in the girls room.  She starts the night off on her bed on the floor next to the girls bed.  By the time I’m checking on them in the middle of the night, Lucy has snuggled herself in-between the girls feet on the end of their bed.  I know Matthew would probably move her back to the floor, but I can’t help but kiss the three of them and sneak out of the room.

The girls were adamant that we celebrate Lucy’s birthday.  The spent a solid chunk of time on Saturday at the pet store mulling over treats and presents until they settled on the perfect one.  And there was NO way we were going to get through her birthday without balloons!  I didn’t point out that Lucy didn’t actually like the puppy cupcakes, or notice the balloons, as far as they were concerned, it was the party of the century!  I love that the girls have a pet that they can dote on and love to celebrate!  It was quite a feat to get pictures of the three of them together, but I will love them forever!

I’m off to tape a segment for Studio 5 today.  I love the project I did and can’t wait to share more with you tomorrow!

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