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a night at the movies...

|| There is no hiding her excitement! ||

The last couple of weeks we have kind of skated through family date night.  With Matthew getting home late from work, and the girls staying up late every night, we’ve disguised a movie on the couch and homemade shakes as the perfect date night.  We finally decided we’d take the girls out on Friday night to see Maleficent.  We had been worried about the movie being a bit intense for them, but after hearing rave reviews from my parents, we decided they’d be fine.

We bought popcorn, made trips to the bathroom and settled into our seats just in time for the previews to start.  Previews have always been one of my favorite parts of the movies (Matthew doesn’t understand how I can spend 45 minutes watching previews of movies on our AppleTV before finally picking something to watch) and apparently Maddie feels the same way.  After every preview she’d whisper to me, “that movie was pretty great!” Two previews in, she moved from her own seat to my lap and cuddled up next to me for the entire movie.

The girls are at great ages for the movie.  Gracie soaked it all up, she really is at such a fun age.  She understands more of the humor and giggles right along.  The more intense parts of the show really got to her.  She shrieked at the scariest part of the show, clinging to Matthew and whispered, (it was probably a little louder than a whisper) “WHY is he doing that?!  Oh no, oh no!”  A sweet man in front of us turned to her and said, “That is a good question, I was wondering that too!”  She held my hand, asked dozens of questions and moved to the edge of her seat in suspense.  I love hearing her questions in a movie, I feel like they help me to see what she processes and what intrigues her.  She’s seeming so old lately, and very much like a little adult in the way she thinks and feels, and I can’t soak it up quick enough.  When a particularly romantic part came, she covered her eyes for a second and then moved a finger to just take a peek.  When I asked her what she thought, she blushed and said, “oh my gosh!”  The movie has a great storyline, I was so impressed with it!  Gracie and I have talked about how different it is compared to the real Sleeping Beauty, and which parts we like more.  There are a lot of lessons that come from it that can be used in her life right now- especially that it is always better to choose to be good and happy, than grumpy and bitter.

I was prepared for Maddie to lose interest in the movie, but she didn’t take her eyes off the screen, other than to request more popcorn.  While some of it surely went over her head, she grasped the main parts and it was exciting enough to hold her attention.  She thought the Prince was pretty handsome, but not as handsome as her Poppa Lynn (who currently holds her heart, much to Matthew’s dismay).  Maddie has always been calmer than Gracie, sitting still has never been difficult for her, especially if she can curl up on my lap.  The day she grows too big and decides to sit in her own seat for a whole movie will break my heart.  She’s my favorite movie buddy, given she has a drink and some popcorn.

While staying home and watching a movie is much easier (and cheaper!) I am always happy when we take the girls out for a night.  Giving them a chance to order their own popcorn, hold their tickets and pick our seats is such a fun experience for them, not to mention a great opportunity for them to learn to always say please and thank-you (we’re pretty adamant about the manners stuff- teaching them to treat everyone politely, looking people in the eyes when talking and properly thanking everyone, so going out is perfect practice).  Plus, it’s a chance for us to make them feel kind of special and make a big deal out of the whole thing…which is kind of the best part about it:)

ps- the sweet man that sat in front of us found us after in the lobby of the theater to ask Gracie is she figured out why he did what he did.  I apologized to him if we interrupted his movie at all, and he responded in the nicest, most kind way possible and assured us he enjoyed hearing her little snippets. Encounters with strangers like that help me to remember to be a little more kind, patient and friendly, it was one of the highlights of our night!

and one more thing, gap kids is hitting it out of the park right now.  The girls floral outfits are from there (as well as the last couple outfits they’ve worn on instagram) and it feels kind of Anthropologie for kids…I love it!

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