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a night at the lake...

We spent Monday night at the lake for my mother-in-law’s birthday.  We haven’t been around in utah for the last 5 summers, so it’s the first time we’ve taken the girls there when it was warm enough to actually get in the water!  We enjoyed a windy ride around the lake at sunset- the mountains were so pretty, I forgot how amazing summers are in Utah!  I braved the tube with two of my sisters-in-law (it was pretty mild, we didn’t even flip off).  Gracie begged and begged to go out, so Matthew took her and our niece, Stella, on the most gentle ride (his back is still pretty fragile).  Gracie kept asking to go faster and finally just rested her head in her hands and feigned boredom.  Maddie was content to ride on the boat.  She bounced from lap to lap enjoying attention and keeping warm.  It was a perfect night, except for not getting the girls into the bed until after 10…luckily Maddie slept in till 10:45 the next morning!  Summer is seriously the best!

Besides swimming and playing outside, the girls are back in dance and they’re loving it.  I started classes at Xtend Barre in Provo and cannot believe how sore I am!  It feels amazing, but my gosh, I feel like I can hardly move!  Here’s to hoping hard work pays off!

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