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Thank you for visiting Our Happiness Tour! My name is Lindsey Pinegar, a girl from Southern California, currently living in Utah. I started Our Happiness Tour as a way to document our day to day adventures, and everything in between.

Matthew and I were married in 2008, and it’s been quite the adventure. From school, to traveling for work all over the country, to more school, and our sweet girls, we haven’t stopped yet! We love to travel, explore and dream about where life will take us. But mostly, we love to be together and find most of our spare time enjoying one another.

Gracie Belle joined our family in 2009, followed quickly by Maddie Mae in 2011. They are wild and happy and sweet and almost always sassy. They’re the best part, and usually the most exhausting part, of our life.

Here is a little snippet on why I chose to call our spot here Our Happiness Tour…

To our sweet girls,

The days and weeks seem to pass us by so fast. We can’t believe how quickly you’re growing and changing. After you girls are tucked away and sleeping each night, daddy and I talk about you…the funny little things you did that day, the clever mischief you managed to find and your sweet interactions with each other. We laugh and worry and pray for you both. Every single day, you do something and I think to myself, oh, I never want to forget this…forget this moment or this look or how your tiny hands feel, or your sweet innocence. So I started this blog as my way to document it so we can remember it always.

I wanted to find a title for it. Something that would stick with us for our whole life together. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find something that truly captured our family and just how we feel about you. And then one day, as I sat in your playroom, surrounded by a mess and piles of toys and two giggling girls I came across this picture of Gracie Belle in my most favorite t shirt. I sat and smiled and looked at it and I started thinking…

And then it hit me. This is our happiness tour. I scanned through the millions of pictures I’ve taken of you two (and Mom takes a whole lot of pictures, huh?) and it was the same in every one- your little eyes are filled with joy and wonder…it’s like I can actually feel your happiness. And that incredible happiness that we feel when we see you, it’s just about the most amazing thing in the world.

So, to our sweet babies – we don’t know where life is going to take us. There will be days filled with laughter, and some tricky days with tears. There will be some disappointments that will call upon our faith, and we will stick by you and show our dedication to you. We’ll celebrate your triumphs and cheer you on. We know we will have plenty of adventures, you two seek them out better than anyone we know. There will be more than enough to learn and more love than we can imagine. through all of this, the ups and the downs, and this tour that life is going to take us on, well it’s going to be our happiness tour. I’m envisioning as i write this, that in ten or twenty years we’ll all sit down together and we’ll open this up and we’ll relive this tour, and the life that we created for our family. And as you read and experience it through our eyes, you will see just how much happiness you gave us, and there is nothing in this whole world better than that.

We love you to the moon and stars and always,

Dad and Mom

If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch, please email Lindsey at